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Book Keeping Services

We provide an extensive bookkeeping service to ensure that each client can focus on running their business and not be burdened with the paperwork associated.


With the introduction of Payroll Modersation in 2019 the Revenue Commissioners now require to be notified once staff are paid. The consequences of not complying with this can be a fine of €4000. At Halpin & Associates we provide software to manage your payroll and comply with the these requirements.

We also are able to assist you in changes to minimum wage, Benefits in Kind, Net to Gross calculation and any wage subsidies. We provide pays lips for each staff member for each pay period.


VAT can be a cumbersome task as it involves gathering sales and purchase invoices and tallying them it order to comply with Revenue requirements. This needs to be completed on a bi monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. There are fines for non compliance of vat returns of €4000.

Ah Halpin & Associates we provide the service where the client gives us there records and we do the work of tallying these invoices so you can focus on running your business.

We also provide assistance on the different vat rates that are applicable, VAT imports/exports, requirements for when to register or deregister for vat and any Revenue enquires on VAT returns

VAT 58 NON registered Farmers

‘’Many farmers are unaware that they are allowed claim vat back on the cost of land reclamation, new farm buildings , fencing ect. Our extensive knowledge in the agri sector allows us to ensure that our farming clients do not miss out on this vital source of cashflow.’’

RCT Returns

At Halpin & Associates we are experts in the building sector and understand the issues around the RCT system. Each principal contractor has a legastive requirement to notify Revenue whenever they pay a sub contractor. They are fines for noncompliance.

Principal contractors must also be aware of the different sub contractor rates ,it may be costly to pay a sub contractor before notifying Revenue only to find out after that they are on a reduced rate with Revenue.